Wilhelm Meya | The Language Conservancy

Chairman & CEO

Wilhelm K. Meya is the Chairman and CEO of The Language Conservancy (TLC), an organization he founded in 2005. With a deep passion for languages and the importance of their role in cultures, Meya is at the forefront of language revitalization, overseeing the largest effort of its kind to protect and preserve endangered languages. From an early age, he recognized the significance of language in community and identity, driving him to co-create TLC with a vision of hope, positivity, and healing. A convenor and collaborator, Meya brings together indigenous communities, Native speakers, linguists, tribal leaders, schools, government, and educators and repeatedly demonstrates milestone accomplishments in language revitalization. His work measurably impacts language revitalization efforts around the world with nearly 800,000 people currently supported by TLC’s efforts.

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Language is the lifeblood of culture and the core of identity. When Indigenous communities maintain or learn their languages, it positively impacts their wellbeing.