Take Action

  • Help get the word out on this silent crisis.  Multiple languages go extinct every year, and opening up a dialogue on a solution helps!

  • Make your voice heard!  Start a petition, set-up or host an event dedicated to the discussion of these nearly extinct languages, or simply promote the use of your native language.

  • Convey to the public the importance of native languages and the profound need for language to maintain healthy communities.

  • Create or Join an Awareness Event

Is your community working to raise awareness through public events? If so, get involved in their efforts. If not, you can work to create your own events.

  • Write or Visit Your Senator or Representative

Having the support of government officials is a huge benefit to the fight for native languages. Take a moment to write your representatives or stop by their local offices.

  • Promote Language in Your Community

The best way to raise awareness is often by word of mouth. Take the time to inform other members of your community about the language-loss crisis and the efforts to save native languages.

  • Be a Part of a Petition Drive

Petitions are a great way to increase online awareness. They are also useful tools in gaining the attention of the media.


Studying a language is a challenge, but it has many great rewards. To begin the process, choose a language at Ethnologue. Then do a web search for materials, language courses at universities, and study groups.

If there are not many options for your language, do not despair. Begin a self-study and join or form a group on social media. Once you start, stay committed to the process. The attention and interest you bring to the language will help others as well, and eventually bring more attention to the language.


If you know an indigenous language, then sharing your knowledge with others is one of the best ways to help the language survive. You can help lead a study group or online learning community, or even volunteer at a school or language program. There are many potential opportunities, but starting and helping others is important to keep the language alive.


TLC has partnered with GoFundMe, one of the leading self-directed fundraising platforms. GoFundMe makes raising funds for The Language Conservancy fun and easy.   You can run a marathon, volunteer on an Indian Reservation, pledge your birthday or find other creative ways to raise money for The Language Conservancy.


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