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The Language Conservancy stands as the foremost organization working with endangered languages in North America. We work daily on the ground in partnership with dozens of communities to revitalize their languages. TLC recognizes that language loss is a problem that spans the globe and has begun to work with communities in Canada, Australia and Mexico with our partner registered non-profits TLC Canada, TLC Australia and Consorcio de Lenguas en Riesgo. TLC continues to seek new partnerships across the world.

We have developed a range of new techniques for documenting and revitalizing an increasing number of languages more efficiently and more productively. These new techniques allow us to develop resources, build capacity, and train educators in communities more successfully than ever before. Our approach is built on working closely with communities, the places where we engage with speakers.

The Language Conservancy leverages technology in the revitalization of languages. We couple this with best approaches in method, working with educators and linguistic experts. TLC is a leader in the use of groundbreaking technology to build language resources and to distribute them to community members. We develop apps that expand and build the language revitalization process.

When communities partner with TLC, they can expect world-class support for the life-cycle of the whole revitalization process. We provide one-on-one project development, from grant writing through language documentation, deep into the development and distribution of resources. We partner with you to create a strong future for your language. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help you revitalize and transform the future of your language.

To see how TLC has been working on language revitalization over the past year, view our 2022 annual report below.

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Language is the lifeblood of culture and the core of identity. When Indigenous communities maintain or learn their languages, it positively impacts their wellbeing.